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Canfield Assessment Completed - Cont'd

Canfield is a small town in central Mahoning County that served as seat of government from the county's formation in 1846 until 1876, when county government moved to Youngstown.  The old brick courthouse still stands at the south end of the square and the dispatch is at the center of its east side.  http://mahoninghistory.blogspot.com/2007/11/mahoning-county-courthouse.html 

Restored in the 1960s, the Mahoning Dispatch celebrates the printing industry in the 19th century and has several operable presses and folding machines of that era that the society displays and occasionally operates for school groups, etc.  It survives as an intact newspaper operation and interesting insight into an important aspect of our nation's history and technological development.

The Bond House is an imposing yet typical early 19th century residence, expanded in the early 20th century and featuring period displays in various rooms, plus a spacious meeting space toward its rear, combined from a few old smaller rooms.

The Mahoning County Historical Society is engaged in improvements to the Bond House and in maintaining the Dispatch facility.  Possible future plans include acquiring the old town hall next door to the Dispatch, once the local government vacates it for new facilities under construction.