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European Trip Provides Preservation Insights - Cont'd

Next on the itinerary was Venice, where Steve has visited more than several times previously.  It is great to just wander around the city's many passages and side streets.  I failed to obtain reservations, so our stay was outside the city and a city bus ride away each day, but not too bad.  From there, it was Prague.  This was Steve's second visit and Ryan said he enjoyed this city the most on the trip.  It had a real vitality as well as distinctive architecture including some mid 20th century cubist buildings http://lava.ds.arch.tue.nl/gallery/praha/tcubism.html and some great public spaces.  We stayed at a newly renovated apartment in an area a little walk from downtown, but which was still nice.  The last stop was Vienna, where we met up with Steve's longtime friend Lukas and stayed with him http://www.moment-home.com/.  It is a truly great city and although I have been there several times now, I still enjoy the long walks and seeing its many attractions.  We both agreed not to like the not too numerous contemporary buildings, which lack the vitality and durability of their neighbors and instead seem like low-budget idiosyncratic conceits of contemporary designers.  I suppose a major exception was the Hundertwasser complex of apartments in Vienna, built over 20 years ago from designs of an artist, not an architect, brilliantly colored and with fantastic engaging forms.  That's my concept of what innovative new architecture should be. Not cold glass and steel, especially in a great city with traditional masonry structures.  http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&source=hp&q=hundertwasser&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=NbpQS96AM4PL8QbM5JW